Just a quicky for halloween. 60 min doodle. Hope you like it!
(Lets call him Joey)


Awwwww… Joey looks happy! But, don’t you think there should be a light in the pumpkin head? Well, it looks really good.

Well… Yea, there should be a light in there… but that would show some ugly modelling that I’ve hidden in there :wink:

Good god. Joey’s head is a pumpkin. Your sick man.

hahahhaha. joeys awesome

Very cool. Did you post the .blend anywhere? Joey seems like a fun model to do some animation with.

Joey is a BAMF.

I could post the blend-file… but he would be a pain in the b** to rig. I did’t care much about the topology because of the short time I had to modell him in. But if anybody is interested… sure, I’ll but the blend up