Most of the work was done in Blender, some extra sculpting and painting in ZBrush and post processing in Photoshop. Blender <3


That is a scary fellow, well done!

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Thank you! :wink:

Impressive and creepy!

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Very cool work, but I think this needs the #nsfw tag so I added it.


You are absolutely right Bart - sorry about that.

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Hey Metin - thanks for your comment.
We usually meet each other in “The big Blender Sculpt Mode thread” right. :wink:

Have a great day good Sir. :grinning:

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I love the level of detail, could we see some of those magnificent materials?

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Very very simple material. I used the sculpt vertex color experimental feature in Blender 3.0 alphas and polypainting in ZBrush for the main color and made a cavity mask with the pointiness option of the geometry node to get a better read of all the little sculpted details.

Multires and a bunch of alphas was used to sculpt all the small skin details.

On top is a clay rake texture from Jama Jurabaev as normal map to have some extra fine details and a mild cross hatching effect.

In Photoshop i abused the Camera Raw filter to get an extra crisp and contrast rich look plus some grain.

The whole character has around 8 million faces. Rendered with 3.0 alpha (and cycles x).


Hahaha, the Discourse forum software thinks your node setup is only for adult viewers. :grin::grin::grin:


Same to you! :+1:

Good nightmare fuel!

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Thanks for your comment (and it’s your very first here on Blenderartists). :wink:


…that’s awesome!

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Just lovely.

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Thanks a ton! :wink: