Punch a Hole for a door?

Augh. I’ve been searching the forum for 20 minutes now. I’ve found UNION, which other than a mention and brief definition, didn’t seem to give me the results I was hoping for.

I’ve created 4 walls. All I wanna do is punch a hole thru them for the windows and doors. how insanely easy is this?

Manual? I’d love one. ordered it in February, and still haven’t received it.

Can anybody help? Point me to the “idiot beginner tutorial” for a room, house, etc?

Just go into edit mode for the wall, add a plane, scale it too look like a door and place it where you want, or make a door seperately and join meshes with the Wall, (cntrl+J). Then remove the face of the wall, (faces only), and make faces between the door and the wall by selecting groups of 3 or 4 vertices and hitting the F key.

Umm have you done the castle tutorial. It has a door right before the drawbridge. I think this tutorial still applies in your case.


Jason Lin

Thanks! I will definitely check out the castle tutorial.

Blender is a creation tool, not a home repair kit, so it’s always best to plan ahead and model your doors and windows into the walls. You can select the faces which you want to be the door, P to seperate, then use the seperated mesh as the door. You can also use Y to split, then go back and delete the faces that they were split from.


This is also very useful information.

I’ve been making it all in advance, but, for bizarro reasons, it looks totally fruity when I try to do this in 2.25 for the walkthrough stuff.

You could also use the boolean difference tool, but that would leave you with such an ugly mesh that I don’t recommend it.

Hey wow.

I’m a “forum guru”

NOW I’m scared. Who on earth decided I could EVER quality for anything other than misleading answers?

There are also “cutting tools” like the Knife …

there is yet another option, though not the most predictable one. The inverted zbuffer can be activated from materials. You may have to play around with it to get the hang of it. try for example, making a cube, and then a cylinder, and stick the cylinder half inside and half outside of the face of the cube that is pointed towards the camera. if you set the cylinder to inverted z buffer, it should appear that instead of the cylinder sticking out of the cube, it will appear as a hole in the cube.