Punch a hole in a mesh

I’m new to blender.
Just now I am making a simple model of something we did in graphics at school (just to show off lol). One of the components is a arch-shape that has a tube coming out of the top, to let a screw come through
that is the arch, and i want to make a tube which comes from the underside and punches through out the top. I read somewhere that you could use ‘booleans’ or something to make it, but I’m not having any luck. Help would be appreciated.

Hey tigger,
“punch” a hole in your arch, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. create a cylinder as a separate object to make the hole.
  2. in object mode, position the cylinder so it intersects the arch where you want the hole.
  3. select the cylinder, hold down shift, and select the arch.
  4. let go of shift, and press “W”
  5. choose difference

The results I encountered were not perfect, but it made the hole.


booleans = bad…usually.

thanks very much, with a little tidying up i got a pretty much perfect result,. thanks!