Punch and Jujitsu in MMA Fight

This is an animation of MMA fight.
The video is short but it was a little bit hard because the touched body and limbs of two men should be synchronized.
Also, I made untouched parts move for natural human motions.
Blog post: Blender: Shinya Aoki vs Mizuto Hirota remake in CGI.

  • on camera work

very nice. I can’t see Hiroto’s face very well, but from the shot looks like you got the Bakka Survivor’s face down pretty good and def got his JJ pants lol. There were a couple spots where Aoki’s glove went through Hiroto’s head. I agree this kinda animation can be very tedious, Getting the two characters to interact together. Specially with the arm locks. It took forever to animate my old Saku vs Anderson Silva fight.