Punching a rect hole in a subsurfed sphere

For a couple of days I’ve been trying to find out how one can punch a hole (or make extrusion) of a rectangular shape, with straight (or almost stright) edges, in a curved, subsurfed surface.

For example, see attached screenshot. How I should approach making a rectangular extrusion in a subsurfed sphere? When I try adding additional loops or bevels, the curvature of the sphere gets distracted.

Looking forward to your help,


select the ‘box’ of your extrustion in edit mode and use shift+e to crease the edges. The more you pull the mouse away, the more ‘sharper’ the edges will become.

Select the edges that you want straightened.
Then press “n” to get the Transform Properties window.
Turn Crease all the way up to 1.

Thanks guys, your suggestions helped me to get almost there.

However, I still cannot achieve the effect pictured on the attached render. The hole in the cylinder is in fact produced by transparent faces - how to achieve identical “smooth hole” effect with truly removed faces? The point is, if I use crease, then the edge becomes a stright line. The hole on the attached picture does have curved horizontal lines and sharp corners - and the two seem to contradict each other when using creases.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance,


Your sphere has too few vertices. The edges of the hole look like straight lines because they are straight lines.

Thanks, eye208. So I take it that I need to have a denser mesh where I want to make such a hole.