Short testing animation

Cool camera effects!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Finally something that deserves watching

Thank you for not creating a robot from 2041

Hello, Fathum, and nice to meet you. My latest post might have sounded weird, so I want to explain my point…
I hate to think that all blender shorts are about robots or evil creatures… Mostly these are gloomy and affected scenes with one and the same sounds and urban landscapes… And I m sick and tired of em.
Your cartoon is perfect blender project, that’s what I mean. It has its style - starting with camera work, texture and lightning…

understand :slight_smile: …thanks for your positive and inspirational comment

Also I wanted to ask what punchooshka means… Is it a name?

Punchooshka like a word doesnt exist, but in slovak language we have a word Pančuška and it means something like a small stocking…

Great! Good luck in your future projects!

thank you :slight_smile: