Punk girl - digital sketch

A sketch done in part to get used to Painter Essentials 3 (it doesn’t crash anymore!). Thought I’d share it, and use any crits next time…

Painter essentials 3 + wacom, more hours than it should have (~5)



It’s really cool. How much you pay for painter essentials ?

Very nice! The lips look a bit wide(kinda like shes pulling the sides of her lips back), and the contrast is a bit odd. My eyes are actually drawn to her neck, some strong highlights on her face would really bring it out. I absolutely love the eyes btw.

However many hours it took, it is sweeeet.

It’s weird – the darkest tones are pretty much black, but highlights are grey. It creates a strange sense of disorientation… try working on that.

But in general it’s pretty cool. I really like it.

Nice proportions and a good image of the girl, but if you’re going to use rim lighting, darken the background. As blenditall noted, you’ve got cool greys on the face (cool recedes) and warm colors in the background (warm advances.) So the background is coming up and wraping around the model, rather than the rim lighting. You might want to try blue greys in the background and give the highlights a yellow or orange tint.

@kbot: it is free with all wacoms, but only version 3 that I’ve had has been at all stable. I don’t think it costs that must on it’s own though.

@free_ality and blenditall: yeah, the contrast is all a bit wrong, next time it’ll be better

@Jeremy Ray: Thanks!

@Orinoco: That sounds about right! Thanks! Must remember…

Thanks all for the comments!