Punta Paraíso

This is my lastest work in Blender, a housing project on Panama… There are some details here and there but I hope you like it.

Rendered entirely in Blender Internal renderer.

Simply excellent!

Muy bueno… congrats!

Bravo!! Nice!

Carrozza, liero, Andarion… Thanks :slight_smile:

Beautiful animation!
It feels funny that the render looks more realistic when the camera makes movements that are similar to the ones one can do by feet in real world, in contrast with the scenes were the camera follows the car from a perspective not common as a real world viewer (that looks more like the ones of a video game).

Found a glitch in 1:05, a white boxy vase on left wall.

@Cloud_GL: You mean in the right wall (from the view) ;)…

There are various clipping “glitches” in the video… Those are mainly the “details here and there” that I mentioned in the first post. Half of those glitches where because of model issues and lack of time to re-render the shot… But other clipping problems (like the one in the background buildings on 0:35 to 0:38) are Blender’s fault… There’s a very annoying clipping threshold for “thin” distant objects in animations.