Pupi plays football in Brazil - Pupi 3 Trailer released

Promo of our second title in Blender - PUPI 3 - has been released.

Pupi is an animated popular science video series for children featuring Pupi, a cute little puppy and his friends. This promo is a musical segment from the upcoming volume ‘Pupi 3’ (duration : 45 minutes) and shows Pupi’s dream of playing football with his friends in a fantasy wonderland of Brazil and meeting a new friend, the Brazilian three banded armadillo. Pls watch the trailer in youtube.

Thanx and rgds

Madhu KS
Hibiscus Digital Media

Great! But the flat textured background of the scenery in the background looks a bit fake. How about a little DOF to increase the realism and mask the parts like the flat wall?