PUPPET Game and Download Link

Hello! I am very excited about this, this is the first game I have ever finished. I made this short horror game as a senior culminating project (a graduation requirement), and I am happy to finally see it done and share it with the world. Please download and enjoy!

PUPPET: A short horror game made with Blender
Version 1.0



Unfortunately there is no Linux version out yet. Feel free to download the Mac version and tinker around the insides of the application to find the Blender file.

Explore the whole webpage here:

The links are not functionnals… :frowning:
Somebody can post a Linux Version ?

Oh no! That is really strange, the links still work for me. Maybe the website was just being dumb for a moment. That happens sometimes… :/. Thanks for trying though, I hope they work again soon.

As for Linux, if there is enough interest in there being one, I MAY try to compile a Linux flavor of the game myself (if I get Linux working on my computer…).

New version! Following the advice of several people, there is a slightly modified version of the game where all the characters move faster. Give it a look here:

Hello everybody!

This summer break, I had the opportunity to update and significantly stabilize my old senior project video game. This new version contains several new features that brings this game very close to my original vision for it. Due to the massive amount of support I received here and the good reception of the game, I really felt that this deserved to be finished once and for all.

So here it is:




Full site:

I hope you enjoy it! And seriously, I would like to thank the people here for supporting me on this project. I have learned so much valuable information, and I am truly grateful. :slight_smile:

Oh and one other fun thing, here is a video of me playing a slightly older version of the game with some of my friends:

Thanks again everybody!