I’ve always been a big fan of puppets in general (Jim Henson, Libélula Dorada, Stitches And Glue…) so I decided to “puppetfy” myself. Started this model during a speed sculpt session at CG Colombia, I decided to finish it during a weekend, It was sculpted in Zbrush, textured in Substance Painter, reworked the pose a bit in Blender (that Pose Brush is AMAZING), shaded and rendered in Blender as well (that includes the small fuzzy hair sytem), loving the nodal system, this is my first time rendering in Cycles, I’ve been learning Blender with the full intention of migrating all my poly modeling workflow over there :smiley: It’s been kind of hard after being working on Maya and Max for so many years, but I must admit that I am really happy with the program so far, offline rendering has always been such a boring process for me in the past, in Blender, it feels almost like real-time rendering, it’s so intuitive and easy to work with :yellow_heart:

https://www.artstation.com/artwork/R33EkD (Turntable)


i like him, great char! :+1:

This is so ‘oddly’ cool. Poses have character.
Well done.

thank you guys!!