PUPS Camera Demo

Alrighty, I took everyones advice for character control. Made a few advancements, but the biggest step is that I got the camera working the way I want with wall collisions and such. The only thing I need to do is make it eaisier to see around him when you are backed up against a wall and I am working on that.

Anyway, because I really enjoyed hearing what kinds of things you would change, please let me know what you think of the camera. Thanks!

EDIT:: And I will ask again if someone can figure out why my character jitters on the ground I would be your best friend forever! I have no idea how to fix it except that mabey I am scaled down too far.


:o um WOW, looking good pryjon am even sadder not getting your help in BCGP :frowning: .

The fur looks really kewl worth every bit of Frames/s it takes.

A few suggestions though(positive crits)

  1. needs to walk faster or have a run mode cause that speed just seems way to slow.
  2. The shields shadow is a nice touch but needs to move or size a bit when walking.
  3. DONT STOP :smiley:

woops forgot why you posted :expressionless:

THe camera script is very nice but would be even better if you can tilt the camera up and down using the mouse. :wink:

Your right. Ive been considering that… I will work on that for the next demo. Thank you. :smiley:

BTW:: To those of you who knew pryjon before…it is now just me. Shane. There used to be 2 of us operating under 1 name but now its just me. Just so you know. :slight_smile:

Really great work pryjon :o
Textures are fine !
I still don’t know how you made this “volumetric grass” ;).
I see sometimes the character shadow disapear (faces overlapping ?).
Shield and blade are also disapearing when he walks in the grass (so you use alpha texture for the grass…) but it’s not so important.

The camera works well, anr that’s important !

Never stop blending pryjon !

Looks Nice, but it dosent walk/run correct in blender 2.37 :expressionless: .

But it looks nice :stuck_out_tongue:

:-? So the other pryjon is gone.

Well, that’s some nice work on the camera. Although, when the camera goes towards the wall it would be nicer if it went to sort of a top view of the pup instead of a back view of him. Ehh, probably just personal preference for me.

Did he always have that suit of armor or was it new? Heh, anyways great work so far, keep it up!

Jason Lin

I jsut realised the the fur technique you are using is the same one being used in the new conker, cool.

NORJ: You were saying this before about 2.37 and I encountered the same problems. Did inserting that code you had fix the problem? There is a script in the file called init.py. Thats my initialization script. I will play with it.

Thanks for comments. I am working on getting a better view when backed up against a wall.

Nice start. I may be borrowing your scrpits for a level or two…:smiley: with your permission of course.

Yes, and I hope you can learn more about python by tweaking those. I personally learn better by playing with code than I do with tutorials!