PUPS game UPDATE with screenshots

So I finished the basic phyics with collisions system and jumping. Now I need to tweak it because he still finds himself inside of things sometimes. I think I know why, its just a matter of time.

Here are some screenshots for those of you who cant download.


Heres the download:

That poor doggie!

Looking good pryjon… thanx for the screenshots.

neat little set up u got there, good character acceleration, kinda reminds me of playing mario for nes :smiley:

Dude, This looks like its got a good chance to be a fun game. The only problem is the jump, the animation is a little sketchy cause it goes so fast and its a little awkward to controle. I also knowticed its got a fair ammount of untextured faces, it would be nice if u fixed it. The rest of the game is great. the character is good looking and very well animated. The game is also very well programmed. i cant wait to see how it turns out. Keep it up.

Edit: I found a glitch and didn’t feal like making another post. If you stand under were an elevator changes direction from down to up you will be pushed inside of it and wont be able to get out. My segestion is remove the bottom faces collision on the elevators.


You know its funny that I didnt even think about that. Thanks! :smiley: I had planned on making the character loose health and be placed away from the elevator. Death or severe loss of health would be a factor in an elevator crushing. Again thanks!

And thank you for the rest of your comments.

Textures and physics fixes soon to come.

Ohh… 3d sidescroller. :wink: Almost makes me want to recontinue my own sidescroller project I had dropped long ago…

Everthing looks cool so far Pryjon. :smiley: Waiting to see more.

Jason Lin