Purchased models and textures

Hi guys,

I’m learning Blender.

I have a model that I have downloaded that came with textures/images. But they don’t seem to be attached to the model. As the model is in 30 odd pieces of so, do I have to go and attach the textures for each or should they already be attached?

Bit confused.



for each or should they already be attached?
Depends on the format and how the modeller set it up
What renderer are you using ? The material may work for blender renderer but not cycles

For each material just reselect the appropriate texture

As the model is in 30 odd pieces of so,
So if you start now and a very conservative time of 1 minute per object you’ll have it all done in a 30 minutes, not too much hard work.

Also please use the appropriate support forum for support questions ratehr than just posting in the first forum you see. Moved from Blender Discussion to Support / Materials and Textures

Thank you Richard.

Further digging and I find that in Blender Render, I can see the materials on my model when in Textured view, but if I hit render, it only renders the materials as a solid colour and not with the materials on. The model was imported as a .obj


Here is the model in Texture view and rendered view:

Any thoughts guys?

Pretty good. You need to turn on smooth shading. Select you object, and in the tools panel (t) under the tool tab, click 'smooth;

I don’t know if you know this, but .obj format models typically have an associated .mtl file. The .mtl is what has all the material settings for the .obj model.

Generally for .obj models, it’s best practice to keep everything for that model together in its own folder. (.obj, .mtl, various texture images)

Sometimes materials wont work because of file path issues. (Relative vs. absolute) Usually it shouldn’t be a problem. But you can take a look at the .mtl with a text editor, if you’re curious.

Other than that, just plug and chug manually while getting a model setup for Blender. Sometimes with the things that can be added that aren’t supported in .obj it’s just better to enhance and re-save a model as it’s own dedicated .blend.

Thanks Paul,

I didn’t know that actually. So thanks for the heads up. I do have the .mtl file but I guess it’s still i nthe download folder. I’ll check and update.