I’m a 3D and VFX artist who worked on ‘the’ best close as canon Star Wars short film. This film explores Anakin 8 months after becoming Vader. My main role for the VFX in this film was wire removal and compositing. I did not use no other software at all but Blender for everything i created in this film. I had to work with raw 4k DPX Files Filmed by an Alexa ARRI camera. It was about 1.5 months of non-stop work as it had a strict deadline in December 2018. I had so many setbacks within Blender’s compositor which were needed to be solved as quickly as possible because of the deadline. I would say i put in about 800 hours in those 1.5 months or so, i hardly slept. If you have any questions about the process on creating the effects for this film ask me and i will try to help out. -------Watch the film now - https://youtu.be/Ey68aMOV9gc – with over 11 MILLION VIEWS and 640k LIKES

[ALERT FOR DEVELOPERS] If you are a Blender Developer and is working or will work on the compositor and want to know how i think it can become so much better please message me.

Some of the shots i worked on-- Taken from the final film

–Some Pre-Viz Concepts i pitched the director before working or knowing anything about the film.


I saw this when it came out. Excellent work. I loved it. I can’t even begin to image doing all this in Blenders compositor. For wire removal I go to Mocha every single time (and for general lkate cleanups), and how does Blenders keyer compare to Keylight?

I know Blender has a Planer tracker, but I’ve never used it. Does it work in kind of the same way as Mocha?

I would not know how it would compare with keylight because the green screen from the shots i got were not good. For example the window shots there was a big light in front of the green screen to simulate a star, but that caused the green screen to become extremely uneven and tinted to the color of the light. I had to do a lot of color correcting and separating of the RGB channels prior to keying and that was to get a ‘decent’ pick. The light post had to be masked out and added to the key mask. I don’t remember using the planer track but i did use the other track position node from the compositor, and i had a terrible time with it. When you use that track node and try to resize the image it doesn’t track correctly at all, you cant resize the image and use the position track node. I had to do it the old fashion way and import an image as plane and used tracked empty’s to parent it with the image.

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Thanks for the measured reply.

I haven’t done much compositing in Blender, but I also remember having trouble just rescaling and moving stuff once. Seemed to go haywire over nothing.