pure fun with yafray

just having fun, and it came pretty good so here ya’ go:


I love the stand. Great work and design.


The stand really looks like rock–nice work. As BgDM said, nice design.

Cool stuff!


Isn’t it that rare golden aztec idol Indiana Jones stole from the indiands on his first cinematographic adventure?

Really great work!!!

I was about to say the same thing!

I think it is though.

But how did it get back on the stand? Maybe he wen’t back and packed the stone stand out on his back?

a short animation will be great no !!


and write a tutorial.


(added that bit in coz it seems that every thread that has anything ok in it needs to have a tutorial asked for nomatter how simple it really is LOL)

Here have the .blend :

Do what ever you want with it.

oh, and thanks forl the complements.

Very nice use of Suzanne.

Awesome tribute to Blender. And recently I’ve seen a couple of really nice ones like this that make it clear that they are Blender made & a tribute … great!!
It would be great IMO if all such works would somehow be compiled & made available for the purpaces of Blender promotion by anybody interested IMO, something like I was sugesting in this older post

awesome!!! thanks
… but how’d you build the whole things? Somehting automatic or hand tuned to perfection in the area of the many heads?