pure python issue: for -> filter statement

This may just be for curiosity
Following code i try to make look different:

vertsThatCount = dict([(v,ve) for v,ve in vertToGrps.iteritems() if 2 < len(ve)])

vertToGrps is an dictionary, that may look like this

v1 : [1,5,7],
v2 : [1,3],
v3 : [2,4,7],
v4 : [5,6],

and i want a dictionary with only the items, where the values have at least 3 elements.

now i wonder, how the equivalent with filter and lambda would look like.

1.Why do you want to make it look different?
2.d2=dict(filter(lambda x: len(d[x[0]]) > 2, d.iteritems()))
3 List comprehentions are said to be faster and python-ier.