PURE Radio

Well, this is my first proper Blender project, and the first one I’ve actually finished, even if it did take more than a year (I really need to find more spare time…)

It’s just a model of my PURE digital radio, mainly to learn modelling, texturing and basic lighting. Rendered with Blender internal, with a separate AO pass.

I’m done with it now, and don’t intend to make any changes, but comments and criticisms will be taken on board for future projects - any feedback is welcome!



Wow, that is really nice, except your wood texture kinda ruins it. the wood doesn’t look very real

but its really nice for a first “proper” project :smiley:

ye i agree with tictoon… the wood looks bad… but for the rest it looks perfect. nice lighting as well… maybe a shadow would help though… maybe try ao as well next time


I agree that the wood isn’t very realistic, but it isn’t on the real thing either. I spent a lot of time thinking about putting a proper wood on it, but decided to go for (un)realism in the end. What can you do? :slight_smile:

well maybe make the edges less sharp (bevel). Right now they’re a bit too sharp D:

Good point. Hadn’t spotted that one.