Pure-Sky Pro 4.3 Released!

I am very pleased to announce that Pure-Sky Pro 4.3 is now available. And this version now allows you to make hyper realistic renders.
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I bought the asset and the clouds look very nice and I very much like the simplicity of the setup in that it’s just a world material!

Some questions:

  • Why do you create a new thread for each release? It would be much more useful to keep everything in one giant thread so people could read and learn from other users experiences. Perhaps you could ask the moderators to merge all the older threads into this one?
  • You recommend 400m as the near clip distance!? That makes this add-on completely unusable for anything other than landscape renders. Do you have recommended settings for close-up shots?
  • In Eevee, screen space reflections do not reflect the clouds. Did I miss a setting? I want to do ocean scenes so it’s pretty important.
  • Hoping this is a similar missed setting as above, but the sun reflects straight through the clouds into the ocean, even if it is obscured by them.
  • In the World Animation settings, putting the Blue Sky value at 0 still shows a significant amount of clouds. I hope this is a bug?
  • Probably another instruction I missed, but I don’t get any clouds in Cycles.

_ sorry to answer only now, in fact I do not understand too much how Blender nation works, I did not even know that it was possible to keep the same post.
_ For the distance of the camera it is not a recommendation, but a constraint, this problem will be solved when the volumes will be updated for EEVEE by the blender foundation here are the details.
_ For the problem of reflection it is the same, these are the limits that eevee imposes. With Cycles, the volumes are reflected on the surface of the water.
_ the last update add a lot of improvement.

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