Purgatory - Hallway To Heaven

My latest work, please give me honest opinions. This is probably my most detailed scene to date, so would like to know what’s good and what’s bad about it so I can improve for my next :slight_smile:


Just because you can’t see it in the picture, heres a close up of the dust effect on the lens


Good idea, I like the concept, but somehow i thought the red cushions were a pipeline of some sort. Also the dust effect seems a little uniform?

Thanks for the opinion, I can see why the weird seat shape might cause this lol and actually surprised about the dust problem, i used a layer of stars to create them, and they definitely were not uniform? Ah well :slight_smile:

It’s a cool concept, i like images with strange gravity. This reminds me of a subway so my immediant reaction is that those types of chairs looks out of place, however uppon further inspection it looks more like a waiting room.

A bit confusing at first glance imo and the vignette could be toned down a bit. Other than that, good work and keep it up :smiley:

I love the concept :smiley:
3 things though:

  1. Lighting is bad (no soft shadows) - put an area lamp just below each of the lights on the ceiling and make sure you increase the samples.
  2. Textures aren’t very detailed/natural, and that’s what adds the awesome factor to every scene.
  3. Vignette is WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too strong

And some suggestions to improve it (IMO):

  1. Experiment with more drastic compositing (especially with colour balance) to create some mood and drama - apart from colour balance I think it could do with a lot more contrast and some glare on the lights (don’t go crazy with the glare like on startrek, but a decent amount would be good)
  2. Move the tunned where it starts to twist up a bit so you can still see the floor - it almost seems like the twisted part is layered on behind the foreground - the path your eye travels is cut off there.