Purge command

Hi. This isn’t a question asking for help. This is just asking for others input.

When you open a sequence of images in Blender, blender stores them uncompressed in memory whenever you scrub past each frame. So after a little while of working, I discovered I had only 43 MB (of 3072MB) of RAM left. So I quickly saved and close Blender, and restarted, and the image cache had evidently been cleared because there was virtually no RAM consumption.

All I’m trying to say is I think it would be a GREAT idea to have a ‘purge’ command that would clear all image caches so stuff like that doesn’t happen. It’d also be nice if it wouldn’t let itself get so full like that (In After Effects, it’ll start overwriting other images in the cache, you can also tell it to only save it at half (1/4th total area) resolution).

Has anybody else here had this same brainwave?

I laughed my arse off when I realized that Blender does not throw anything away, it simply unlinks it and leaves it in memory. It’s like the coders only read about the function malloc and put the manual down. It still baffles me that there is no “real delete” of anything in Blender. Your right, however, there must be a way to throw something away for good. Really, developers, I can handle it…let me delete something!

I’m bumping this both because it’s important to me, and that it just happened to me again.

All of a sudden my music started playing choppy, and things slowed down all of a sudden in Blender, so I minimize, look at the sidebar… oh 20MB left… WHAT!!! HOLD ON!!! I have 3GB of usable ram, and Blender used right up to 20MB of that??

Please tell me they’re doing something about this in 2.50. This happens to me alot because I use blender to add effects to HD footage.

so there’s no image cache purge ability, so if I’m working on something really complicated, it’s just going to consume, no way of deleting, come on!

It’s true! You just have to save, quit, and start it up again.