Hello everyone,

this is one of my lastеst personal projects achieved with blender and cycles. The main goal was to create this interior environment which I found and I’ve used as reference image in Moofe.

After I finished the modeling and shading parts of the scene I’ve decided to try something further. I’ve download and use car model of Lamborghini Aventador from blendswap - uploaded by user called Papa_Dragon.
I played a bit on it, and create new shading (use this image as reference one for the new shading), after that I composite the car into the interior.
I like that car because of the futuristic shapes and graphical looking into this whitish modern.

I spend time on lightning part. For me was a challenge to archive maximum of real looking environment much closer to the reference picture (C8P-5QED-B39C).
The post production was very simple, color correction first in Blender, then overall filters + b&w overlay on top, made in photoshop.

I did only 2 renders with 2000 samples. The 1-one was 3k -took me about 9h, rendering time. 2-nd one was full hd and was calculated for 3,5h. Overall time spend on this experiment was less than 3 days (during the free time).

Feel free to Ask, Share and Comment.