Purple Bluffs WIP, open to C&C!

Hello! Pretty close to finishing this one piece. Any C&C would be much appreciated! :smiley:


This looks very nice! I can’t really think of anything to improve on it. Maybe the church could use some more detail, I don’t know. Really nice atmosphere. I like the lavender and the trees with the sun behind them.

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Thank you very much sir! :grin: I appreciate the feedback on the church!

hey how did you create the sky

This is awesome! I really love the way you have similar ground at 3 (maybe 4) different distances but they look completely consistent. I’ve been trying to do something similar but failing repeatedly. I’d love to hear how you did this. Is the close field made using a particle system? and if so how did you get the medium and far shots to have the same look?


Hello again, Mukunda :wave:
The sky is an add on called “Real Skies” :+1:


Hey Jeff, so, all the foliage except the trees, are individual particle systems. So all the lavender is in one system, and all the grass is another system. :+1: It looks consistent because it is! There’s little to no compositing in this render. Hope that answers your question!