Purple Doll

Aloha! This doll is one finish version of a dolls project. The vintage effect was made using the composition nodes on the Render Layer under Cycles Render. Just 500 cycles to obtain certain grain old movie effect to work later on the vintage effect (no Photoshop or Gimp, just Blender 2.63). Hope you enjoy it!

PD: I’ve model some hair first and later I’ve made a group and that way I could use the Hair Particle System under Cycles.

looks like a pixar-ish style CG :slight_smile:

People could learn from this pic, it’s a good, but restrained and simple use of the tools to create a well-balanced artistic composition. One of a few works on here which succeeds without trying hard to impress everyone with technical ability, rather it lets the content take the lead.

it’s not the most amazing thing I’ve ever laid eyes on, but it’s a great example for this site.

But really awesome!

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Thanks Kemmler! Your comment encourage me :wink: I’m quite new at the Blender Community and this is the first finish work I share with you all. When I posted it, I was thinking that maybe it was a little simple for this community (no background, no complicated design… quite minimalist: it’s just the face of the doll, a couple of composition nodes and camera focus), so I’m happy to listen that you liked it!

Thanks McThingy! And… I’m a girl too!! :wink:

YAY! Another girl! :smiley:

And they are right. It looks like a pixar’s work. It really is good.

Thank you so much McThingy! :wink:

This is somehow creepy…but awsome! nice work

I find it awesome.
Love the composition.
A little sss is missing… we better wait for such effects in cycles.

Thanks Yoshimi :wink: Yeah, it’s a little creepy… I was thinking in Tim Burton when doing it.

I second this. I good solid piece of work. Well done.:slight_smile: