Purple dot in the center of the object??

A small basic problem, how do I make the little red or pink dot get to the centre of the object? I need it to be in the centre so I can use a mirror…thanks for your help. And btw I’m new, so don’t flame me:rolleyes:

And what is the best shader for skin?

If I understand your question correctly, in object mode, select your object. then in the mesh panel of the buttons window select center n(ew).

Maybe some help? Hope so… .

Yeah it helped thanks, and sorry for my english. My native language is swedish, and the grammar is very different. Now I posted the question over at the modelling forum. But maybe this is a basic problem too.

How do I model breasts? I’m having a very hard time making those. And I’m not a pevert. Also what is the best skin shader?