Purple or blue Y axis mirror icon...what does it mean?

I’ve noticed in the 3D View, when I’m in Edit Mode with a particular object (which was created by mirroring the object along the X axis), the Y axis mirror icon is purple…or if I click it, it will switch to dark blue:

From a user interface perspective, what does this mean? It seems that if it’s not possible to mirror along the Y axis, the icon should simply be disabled, not a purple or dark blue color.

When I hover over the icon, the tooltip gives me “Expression: var + False”:


Hovering over the X and Z axis mirror icons do not show “Expression: var + False” in the tooltip.

It’s fine if I cannot mirror this object along the Y axis, but I’d really like to understand what these two button states (purple and dark blue) mean on the Y axis mirror icon.

Any ideas?

Purple color in the default theme indicates that the field has a driver set on it. You probably added it by accident, and can simply click that button and choose “Delete Driver” from the menu.

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Thanks, @Stan_Pancakes – you are correct. I have no idea how I set a driver on the Y axis mirror, but that’s what must have happened. :+1: