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bathroom 3 090721.blend (692.3 KB)

Hi everyone. This must be the most basic problem ever. I was modelling a bathroom and it was going well until yesterday when I rendered everything went purple, like all the materials or image textures were missing. In the end I have ended up deleting everything and adding a default cube with a new material, purged all unused materials and STILL it renders purple in cycles (and eevee). So now I am really stumped. I must have clicked something, somewhere to screw up the file somehow. Can anyone help me fix it because otherwise I’ve lost hours and hours and hours. In my original file I had been using an add on from iMeshh (a materials/assets manager). If I create a new file from scratch and render the default cube with a new material, there is no problem. If I append my purple cube into the new file from the file I’ve uploaded here, again, no problem. I don’t care if I look stupid because now I’m desperate :slight_smile:

I had a quick look, but it seems your scene is broken. Someone might figure out what’s wrong, but I can’t really dive into it now.

Always work in sequences when doing projects. With that I mean save multiple versions, so when stuff like this happens you can revert back to the last scene working. So you loose some work, not all.

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try changing your HDRI. i changed it and the texture came. yours ends with an .exr but i used one that ends with .hdr.

You need to correct your world node setup - insert “background” node between exr texture and “world output”.
And check if the path to exr texture is correct.

yikes - I’m hanging my head in shame. It was the hdr that was missing and that I COMPLETELY forgot to check. Thanks guys. By the way - RobWu: I do indeed save tons of versions with the date - it’s great advice. But this error is because I had a tidy up with my file system and the hdr for all versions got moved. Schoolboy error. Thanks again everyone!

Ah… Forgot to check any background images… My bad.
Good to see more awake people figured it out quickly :wink:

Good luck on the project! :slight_smile: