Purple Skate

I am working to improve my Blender skills by creating and texturing more complex models. I have found Cycles to be a revelation, making the whole rendering process far more intuitive for a beginner.

Dunno why this has 0 comments so far, the modeling is very decent.

The only thing I’d suggest:
-use more interesting lighting
-use small bumpmaps on the plastic, right now they are too smooth
-tweak the UVs for the mesh texture, right now there are a few spots where it looks stretched

otherwise this is pretty damn good.

Yeah, the model looks really nice, well done. ^Agree with Kemmler on the lighting and texture density, and the need for more bump. I would go further in saying that the wheels should use a different material than the purple strap anchor on the calf part. It would be nice if they were a little translucent (in any case, not the same material as the plastic above), but I think you need subsurface scattering for that and I believe there’s no real way to do it in cycles yet.

BTW, nice job on the silver paint on the wheels, looks really nice.