Here is my first project, yes i know what your saying, extremely simple, well everybody has to start somewhere.
It’s just a desktop background nothing special, although i would like feedback.

simple, yes…but unusually awesome!

yeah good work i like it! it’s clean! :smiley:

I cant see it for some unknown reason.

Desktop backgrounds are a lot of fun. Also quite useful to keep your most recent render up as a desktop background so you can catch any flaws that you might not see at first glance.


WOW. it´s like looking into eternity:eek:. sort of.

btw try doing it with all sorts of colors:D

The volumetric light in the right third of the image is coming from a slightly different angle than that in the rest of the image. It’s not enough of a difference to look like a design decision, but it is enough of a difference to look “off.” Other than that, looks good.

Here’s how it was made, in case anybody is wondering.
just a simple cube with vertices removed from the top. inside (the cube) the material was reflective, above the cube i (shining through the holes) added a two colored lights (purple and rosey kinda) and set the reflection and shadows pretty complex, positioned the camera and that’s it!
pretty simple, you can copy and try your own if you want, i would be interested to see some variations.