Push the engine baby !

(kil-arphen) #1

Ok, I was told maybe that might interest people, so here it is.

This came from a test with particles. I tried to reproduce the look of a “chasseur” 's thruster (I love that name 8) ) in english it’s a err … i don’t know :stuck_out_tongue: .
Well you know, airplanes like the Migs or F-14 etc…

You can find what I did there:
2 files named test-reacteur* (a jpg and an mpg to loop)

comments welcome.

(Nayman) #2

the thing iwt the cats is brilliant!
nbever laughed so hard!

(Nayman) #3

Oh, i think you mean afterburner, or the cans.

Also known as the spurs and Full military thrust

(kil-arphen) #4

yes the after burner, that’s it. The object of my test wasthe particle system of course !

(VelikM) #5

Nice! The color is good, jet exhaust comes to more of a point in military engines, from what I’ve seen, it’s very focused.

(kil-arphen) #6

You can find a new version more “focusing”. Same page I’m sure you’ll find the files (profile and 3/4).

I’m working on deforming the space around the fire.

(kil-arphen) #7

and 2 new animations named tr1.mpg & tr2.mpg
(10 frame loop)

(Jolly Gnome) #8

Great work!
But I agree with Nayman, the cats are hilarious! :smiley:

(kil-arphen) #9

what do you call the cats ? sorry, to bother for english.

(IamInnocent) #10

The cat fight video clip in the same folder video.

(kil-arphen) #11

AAaaaahhhh, okayyyyy !

I must admit I was lost. Yes the cats, they’re really funny. :smiley:

(VelikM) #12

Looking good! The videos look really good.

The cats are great, they remind me of mine.

(kil-arphen) #13

I should have removed them from the site, everybody’s watching them instead of commenting my work :-?

:x damn cat !