'Pushing' files into Blender?

I often create an asset within a project then want to save it to my personal library.
However, saving my current file, then opening the correct library blend then appending from my original project file and saving, then reopening my original project file, deleting the asset and purging it, then linking to the asset in my library blend is…(inhale) ridiculous.
It would all be easier if I could just push something into another blend file, with provisions for duplicates, grouping, etc.
Is this practical and if so why I have not seen it done? (or perhaps some of the asset managers around actually do this)

Look at the asset management addon in my signature :wink:

I just ctrl-c + ctrl-v to copy paste from one file to another. not sure if this is the best way, but it’s fairly painless.

pitiwazou, I actually bought your addon way back but I’m kind of a do-it-yourselfer and did not put in the homework to get more familiar with your interface after a little experimentation. However, I recently downloaded the latest version and it looks like it has progressed hugely. I will have to make a point of reserving a day this weekend to thoroughly explore it, especially the library importing.
[now I want to ‘go home sick’ and play with it :slight_smile: ]