Pushing weight, Now with animation!

Here is a little animation I did of a weight push. I animated it in a couple of hours so it could be still tweaked a lot. The character and rig were made by Sketchy, so thank him for the design. I just textured him, gave him a scene, AO and animated him. Not sure why the eyes are popping out of the head though.


The posing looks good, and the box motion, but why does the character ‘squish’ toward the end? Also the animation looks like it is in slow motion, a problem I frequently have. Lastly the character just falls over at the end, if he were working that hard I would expect some momentum.

For the speed issue you could try going into the action editor and scalling the animation along the x/time axis. For the rest of the stuff you might try to get a friend to recreate the scene? Maybe pushing against a wall?

Kinda cool. :slight_smile: But does the character sprout a 3rd eye towards the end?

The eyes pop through the mesh, I’m not sure why. That’s something I would like to fix. I’m probably going to have add more to the animation to get real timing, otherwise it will be like 1 second.

I don’t know why the eye pops out either. I didn’t spend alot of time on that rig though. It was just a demonstration of how to set up a stretch to constraint to make the head more expressive.

I think the animation might look more natural if his body was centered over his left foot. remember, the block is not the only heavy object in the scene! :smiley:

Are the eyes parented to the mesh object or vertex parented to the eye sockets of the mesh itself?