Pushing your box limits? (SGI, PC ,Sun users)

I just so chatty this morning.
OK, Being that my main Blender Box is an old SGI Indigo2 Maximpact. At one time is was King of the Hill. I beleave it can still hold it own against most of the Cheap PCs being sold.
I am far from reaching the limits of my SGI box, unless I awake tomorrow a 3D Guru. But hopefully the day will come when my little Indigo2 won’t good enough (because of skill not the passing of 10years).
So my quesition is has anyone reach the limitations of there box and was force to move work or buy a new Machine for Blender? Also does anyone out there owns and use a Indigo2 for Blender and now can’t do any work on their Indigo2 box because heavier work load?
If you were force to move Blender work from one machine to another or had to upgrade I love to hear why?

Any SGI limitation comes from compromises in blender for the peecee versions.

I had to upgrade to continue my work. I was running an Intergraph Dual PII machine with 256 MB RAM and a Realizm G13 (?) OpenGL Card. I smoked my older P133 machine (duh), but once I started working with grass, leaves, and complex armatures, things just became too slow. Rendering time wasn’t bad, and I could always assign different parts of an anim to each processor.

I’ve moved onto a white box AthlonXP 1800 machine, with 512MB DDR RAM, and a Geforce4MX card inside, running Win2K Pro. I am able to crack open a blend doc that’s around 33MB due to the mesh size of the grass and tree/leaves, show every bit of it in wireframe or shaded view and pretty much flip it around in realtime. I’ve not experienced a single slowdown in armature motion due to calculations. The rendering completely spanks the old machine (again, duh), but it’s actually even better than I expected. I’m able to finish a full second of animation in the time it took to generate a single frame before.

I don’t see myself outrunning this machine in the near future.

I was waiting for response from you :wink: .
Last night one of my SGI buddies and I was talking about Blender latest releases support for SGI boxes. He noted that it seem that taking advantage of SGI hardware was becoming less and less. I guess the SGI heads are getting rarer and rarer along with it.
Oh well I will still Blend on the Indigo2.

Well, I have to admit I’m pushing my poor old 466 MHz peecee towards the final breakdown on just about every project. It sports an old TNT 16 MB and 256 MB of RAM, and basically becomes pretty sluggish at around 50 - 75 K verts. Passing 100 K verts makes everything come close to a full stop.

But then again, some semi-clever use of layers makes most cases workable anyways, I just make sure never to load any layer beyond the 50 K limit. Needless to say, I can’t do anything to speed up rendering.

So, the bottom line is that I already am forced to move on to another system, but my wallet says differently… :frowning:

my old 200MHz laptop with no 3D acceleration was a pain, but I still did 3D on it. Layers are key when using that type of system.

When I upgraded to my 1GHz laptop with GeForce2, the quality of my stuff when way up. I can work with all sorts of stuff, but it will usually become sluggish with too many verts. I have more of a problem with hitting the limits of Blender’s rendering capacity than with my mashine capacity.