Hi, this is my new character ! First try at 4-legged creature.
C & C are of course wellcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it is.

30fps 640*480 Divx-avi 0.98MB

Animation is pretty stiff.
But the rest is pretty good. I like the opening bit when the cat materializes :slight_smile:

yeah i love the materializing. though the movements look kinda seperated; they should all be fluid.

i really like the build effect, is very funny

I like the build effect, too, Caplicon-san.
If the build can show up in random, it would much better.
Who knows this?

Hehe, that animation is really nice. Especially the build effect and the fun sound effect gives a nice touch. I also like the way the cat blinks and moves his mouth and head, but I have to say the way the legs move isn’t really natural, it seems too fake. I think that if you’d look at a real cat and study the moves, and then tweak the ani it could be really good.

I love your pussy

Thanks a lot for your comments everyone. :smiley:
He (or she), I’ve not decided its sexuality yet, has just fallen.
So please overlook its awkward movements and look forward to the next animation.
I’ll study ! :wink:

that is very immature.