Put a road over a surface

So im am decintely familiar with blender. I can make most things.
Normally when i would make a road/track it would be a flat track and would start with the road itself and add the ground later.

But this time me and a few friends had a dumb idea and wanted to make a jump in it and some curved corners. But if i now put a ground on it wouldnt align because it would be flat.

Now my question is. Is there a option where i can snap the ground to the outsides of the road so that i dont have to do it for every individual verticy

You can add the Shrinkwrap modifier to the road and in modifier properties, set the ground to be the target.

Perhaps the shrink wrap would be better on the ground than on the street.

Sorry. Lumpengnom, you are right, I just didn’t read the question properly.

Snapping ground to the road seems way more difficult. Maybe the Curve modifier could be helpful? Using a 3D Path, it is quite comfortable to shape the ground smoothly and preserve all the details.