Putting a logo on a car (newbie)

Hi all,
I’m trying to put a logo on a car but I am not sure how I should proceed because each solution I’ve tried has taken me to a dead end so far (newbie whining :() :

  • UV mapping: the body work is quite complex and I don’t see myself try to unwrap the whole stuff in order to put a logo on a portin of it that is actually quite flat. (in fact I don’t really know how to unwrap things :p)

  • Material indexes on selected faces: well, then the problem is that the original coordinates remain that of of the whole mesh… so sizing and offset are quite hazardous to implement. Plus I have the feeling that the angle of projection is not perpendicular to my rather-flat selection of faces.

  • Separate the part of the body that will receive the logo, duplicate the body material, make it single-user and add the logo texture to it: that looked quite promising… until the rendering. The “smooth” setting leaves gaps between the two separated parts. Pity.

Don’t know where to look for for an answer :spin:. Any idea ? I’m sure it’s not so difficult… is it? :eyebrowlift:


What you might consider is using an empty, and mapping the image to it. Basically, you create an Empty, and rename it to something meaningful. Parent it to the vehicle (Not necessary, but if you don’t, and move the vehicle, the decal wont move with it). Now, position the Empty near where you want the decal. Create a new image texture, and in the Map Input panel, use Object, and key in the name of the Empty (case sensitive).

You may have to play around a bit by scaling and or moving the empty to get the decal exactly the way you want it.

Best of Luck!

Have you tried this way yet?

Wow! That is precious advice. Thank you guys :slight_smile: