Putting a Stroke on Text

Does anyone know of how to give text in Blender a stroke?

High cholesterol foods are not an option. :wink:

Any helpful input much appreciated.


Hmm. Easiest way I can think of? Add a text object. Convert to mesh. select everything. Use the Inset Extrude addon to inset the text mesh. Then delete whatever is left in the center.

Oops I misread something lol, guess that’s what I get for trying to do two things at once.

When you say stroke are you talking about a painted look, text outline or something else.
Your terminology seems a bit off from the normal, so I think if you could better explain or
show an example image it might help everyone better understand and get you the correct
answer much quicker.

You could duplicate your text.
For the inner text, extrude it.
For the outer text, offset it.

Both settings are under Geometry, Modification:

This is working, except I was hoping to get the inner text engraved down into the outer text.

It seems like it might be possible by extruding both texts, but the inner text more extruded than the outer. Then converting both to meshes, and then using the inner mesh to cut the outer mesh, then shrinking the inner mesh into the outer one.

But I cant remember how to use the meshes to cut one another though.

Any further help?

Thank you for all the great replies.


One problem with the offset seems to be overlapping faces.

Is there any way to clear this up? (see attachment)


The Dawg


Note to self: Boolean Modifier -> Use Difference

The second object cuts the first selected object, so select the inner text second before applying.

That only kind of worked. See attachment.


The weird overlapping (self shadowing) can be improved by using a spot light with buffered shadows instead of ray-traced shadows.

To improve the odd stuff happening with the β€˜e’, you could use bevels instead of offsets and then convert to a mesh and flatten the bevel.