Putting a team together

I messed around with blender 10 years ago, and realized I didn’t have the skill for it. I’m now here back in the forums excited about a new industry and I need modelers and animators. I’ve created a few successful companies, but I’ve never been more excited about something as much as I am this for this one to start! Let me know if you want to be part of something great!

Look forward to hearing from you,
Travis Cornelius
[email protected]

Sorry for being vague on the post. I just updated it, but the moderator still has to approve.

I’m not looking for any single project, model, or animation, but for someone to be a part of my team for VR development. I know it’s going to be the next big thing and there is a huge potential to be the next Angry Birds of the game world, or the next Pixar for animators. I’m setting up a team for development on a variety of experiences and games, with intentions of making money from mall kiosks. We plan to open 30+ kiosks in the next 6-months if our test runs work out. I need someone skilled in 3d design, rigging, and animation, who is ambitious and willing to work hard to be the next big thing.

If this sounds like this is something you’re interested in, please send me a portfolio of some of your work, and what kind of salary you’re willing to work for.

This is not an adequate job posting.

I’ve created a few successful companies,
The you’ll be perfectly aware that job postings actually inform potential applicants what the job is. Please add sufficient information so you don’t waste peoples time having to find out what you want.

Sorry, I’m not trying to waste people’s time. Looking for a full time model/animator to develop experiences for VR. Planning on opening 30+ mall kiosk stores within the next few months to debut VR experiences and games, as well as develop games for steam. I’m not look for a specific project, model, or animation, but more so, a team member to be part of something huge.

Sorry, updated!