putting a wall

Supposed that you have a complicated shape and you want to give it a wall tickness:D
if you use the scale it does not seems to give a uniform tickness of wall
some of the details are shifted :evilgrin:
then how to ticken to form a wall of a certain tickness:eyebrowlift2:

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Try using the solidify mesh script.
edit. you could also try searching the forum for a previous post on the subject link> http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=86785&highlight=wall+thickness

ya no good for complicated contours
this may work for very simple promtive but thats it ?
Blender does not have something to do a constant wall tickness for complicated shape!
Note i made the contour of a violin and now i’m trying to add tickness to it and it’s a pain in the Genetically modified AS…
Tanks anyway