Putting Blender files on Google Drive?

Is it possible to put Blender on a Google Drive so you can access it and any Blender projects from any computer through a Google account? Is that a good idea so I can work on Blender projects from anywhere? If not, are there any other ways you can work on a Blender project on a different computer without having to download the software again?

if you install google drive for desktop , its no problem , theres a local copy and googledive will sync it in the background

I can access Google Drive from my Google account, is that okay?

I don’t know if the official google drive app (Backup and Sync?) offers selective syncing yet, but I know it didn’t a few years ago, which was why I started using Insync. Insync allows you to sync only specific folders, as well as filter files you don’t want to sync (e.g. blend1 and other backup or temporary files) to save bandwidth and data.

I know I sound like a total shill, and there may be some other clients, but Insync is the one I use. They recently changed the plans around, so getting the file filter feature requires the Developer account type, but right now it’s on 60% off sale, so it’s only $24. It also allows you to have multiple Google, Dropbox and OneDrive accounts and sync them all together. The UI is sometimes a bit confusing, but I found it to be invaluable, and it also works on Linux, whereas Backup and Sync is Windows + Mac only.

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I’m using Zoho Workdrive for something similar. We are a group of 4 artists working collaboratively on projects. As long as you make sure your blenderfiles are packed, or all your assets are in a shared directory it will work without any problems. Googledrive should work in the same way

But you still have to download all the files on each computer you are planning to use. In case you have large projects, it can take a long time.

Another option for you would be to rent a cloud workstation, a PC that you can access via remote login from anywhere, and work on that. The advantage is you can have a very powerful PC at your disposal at a time, the disadvantage is that the experience will vary greatly depending on your internet speed.