Putting Clothes On Mancandy

Good Day,
Working through Bounce Tumble and Splash and I have run into a problem with putting the shirt on Mancandy. For some reason he does not want to be a collision object.
Using Blender 2.47 and I got a copy of Mancandy_2.3.blend. I appended both Mancandy and the shirt object to a new .blend and saved the file. Setup everything according to the text and the shirt just falls through him.
I also did a test with a cube set for cloth with the same result. Is it an issue with Mancandy in 2.47 or am I missing something?


Please like Pictures. Do you have anything from this project to post?

Sorry for the delay. Here are some screen shots.

First, Mancandy on frame 1 and then on frame 10 showing the shirt dropping through him. I used the default cloth settings on this one and also attached are the collision settings for ManCandy.



try baking the animation… from the Collision tab in the screenshot on the left, press Bake… see if it works…

i had a similar problem and it drove me crazy for two days until i figured out that the blender build i had was compiled WITHOUT game engine or physics support… are you using 2.47 from the official blender.org website? or some other build?



Yes it was baked. And I am using the stable 2.47 release from blender.org. Other cloth tests have worked fine, just Mancandy is being problematic.

Of course it’s not really an issue as I see no reason to dress him up, more a curiosity.

For the sake of completeness I am attaching the shirt collision shot from the cloth panel.