Putting Faces on differant layers

Hey Guys,

I am fairly new to Blender but am getting along nicely. I want to model greebles to eventually put on a small spaceship I will model later on.
I am looking at a tutorial on making greebles in Hexagon, I have found out how to randomly select faces in a grid in Blender.
My question is, after I have made the random selection of faces on the grid, is there a way I can put them on a layer or group them or something so that I can hide them, then make another set of random selection of faces and do the same again till I have maybe 4 or 5 individual groups of faces that I can then bring back one by one and do some small modelling on them?

Thanks in advance

Add to vertex groups


Add a different material to each group of faces and use select by material in material settings or Shift+G

or split them off to make a new object just of those faces (P key)

Hey Richard.
thanks for the quick reply, I have converted this page to a PDF so I can look at it while I am modelling, but it looks like exactly what I was after.