Putting image sequence through compositor

I want to use Blender to batch edit a series of images. What’s the best way to do this? I have set up my nodes and it will process a single image. I have tried opening an image sequence in the node editor but it doesn’t seem to do anything with it. I have also opened the sequence of images in the video editor but I don’t know how to pass the frames through the composite editor as they are rendered (as an animation).
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

You should be able to load a sequence of images into an input node in the compositor.

I don’t think you can go straight from the VSE to the compositor though. That’s one feature I would love to have.

in the compositor, to get multiple images to load in an input node, make sure when you are first loading in the images that you only select the first image in the file viewer and not all of them. Then, after you have confirmed that the first image is showing up in the compositor using a viewer node, change the input node’s dropdown box from ‘single image’ to ‘image sequence’ and change the amount of frames to match the amount of images in the folder.

If you select all the images instead of just the first one, the compositor will only show black. Upon inspecting the image object using the texture panel, you can see that the image object is assigned to the directory and not any particular image.

Hope that makes sense. If not, just remember not to select more than one image when you are trying to load in a sequence of images.

If you consider this to be a bug, please file a bug report or ask on IRC, freenode #blendercoders, #blender.