putting it all together?

Hi. I have searched the forum, but have come up empty, so I’m going to ask: What is a good free program that I can use to put my animations, music, wipes, etc. together? Thanks.


Blender’s sequence editor is quite good

search around for tutes, it’s very easy to use



When I use the sequence editor to put my logo and sounds together, it previews fine, but when I render it there is no sound in the file. What am I doing wrong?


Ah. Sound.

Blender does not (yet!) support writing sound into the output avi, but there is a button in the sound buttons (F10, then click the sound button in the buttonwindow header) labelled “MIXDOWN” that will create a sound file in sync with the movie that you can add to the avi with all good and also most not-so-good movie editors.

just download virtualdub for merging the audio mixdown with the video. just select ‘wav audio’ from the menu and add your wav file.

Oh, ok. Thanks. Do they have a planned release date for the sequence editor that will use sound?