Putting it on TV

What settings and software do you use to put your animations on DVD for playback on TV?



I render my Blender footage at [email protected], image aspect 0.9, for NTSC DVD output.
Then I make an AVI movie out of that with After Effects or Virtual DUB.
Then I drop that movie into Nero Vision. (If aspect ratio is wrong, Nero stretches your footage)
Nero Vision transcodes the video and makes the DVD folder/file structure.
Then I use Nero Recode to burn the actual DVD image to a disc.

This is typically for one-offs but I have not made a DVD in a couple of years. I mean where would I play it?:o

Pal resolution is 768 x 576 @25fps intrerlaced (doesn’t have to be interlaced though). I think same aspect for Pal SD 4:3 (that is 0.9), but for widescreen would be 16:9

depends on what you want. You have standard def, HD 720p and 1080p. Personally, I render everything at 720p. For no reason other than it seems to work for everything I do.