Putting together a special effects crew

With spider-man almost wrapped, i have started writing my next film.

it is quite effects intensvie, and a little beyond my skills.

I would be heading the effects depeartment (as well as directing)
but i need help.

I would be doing all designs, and most modeling, but some additional modeling will be needed.
I would like a texturer, and a rigger, and perhaps an overall consultant (must be experienced). Also, someone proficient with terragen anbimation is a must.

Animation would be shared between to three of us, and credit would be given to all.

Unfortuantly, i cannot offer you money. this film is going to cost 10,000 dollars, and i need every penny. there is nos et production date yet, but it will be filmed over summer 2003.

The only compensation i can offer is a name in the credits, and exposure to film festival audiences…

this is a big stepping stone for me, and an even biiger one for blender. Lets show film makers what blender can do,
For further information feel free to email me, or reply here

[email protected]

Thank you.

Do you not have a budget covering the costs of effects?

It seems a little wierd that out of $10000 you haven’t included FX costs. I’m in the film industry and this is normally accounted for, along with camera hire, lights, crew, set design etc.

I have also done some freelance work before where only payment was my name to be in the film credits, which is great, but most people leave the cinema at the point the credits start to roll. I was in charge of Sound Design for that film.

Sorry I don’t mean to put a downer on things for you, I just got my realistic head on today. :expressionless:

If I can help in any way, 3D or sound, please don’t hesitate to give me a shout.


If I understand correctly, Nayman is a student, and this isn’t a commercial project. I think all the cast and crew are volunteers, and the 10k is equipment rental and set, prop, and costume materials.



anyone else?

Hi Nayman…

Well, I’m deep involved to “The-Exodus” film project, (up to the throat I’d say… :stuck_out_tongue: ), but what the heck… I may be able to give you a hand in case you won’t find anyone better…

If you think that I can be of any help to you, just p.m. me…


I’d love to help if you want me, but I’m not too good at Blender.


PM me if you want me.

Apologies to you Nayman, I didn’t even think of this. :expressionless: :expressionless: And thankyou, Improvisar for telling me. I keep forgeting how many different types of people the elysiun commune spans.
If I can be of any assistance, through work or my mediocre Blender skills, I will be more than happy to help.

Sorry, no offence was intended.


No problem… just another notch on my keyboard for resolving misunderstandings. :slight_smile:

Theeth, you keeping track? I want my “Forum Mediator” title, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


hey sonix, don’t worry about it!

why would i be mad? you should see what some of my actors do :stuck_out_tongue:

anyhoo, i figure i should give a little more info.

This movie is a fantasy peice about a hunter’s quest to track down a mythical demon.

It is all live action, and being filmed in high grade digital. the 10,000 is needed for swords, costumes, a new camera, a new computer, and ood for the cast and crew for a month over the summer… so it’s stretched pretty thin as of now. :stuck_out_tongue:
anyhoo, there are several effects shots of swooping landcapes, (hence i need someone with a terragen background)… and the rest of the fx shots are of the Demon (s). I have done the creature design, and i’ll model soon, but i need someone who is excellent at rigging to do up the skeletons, and a good texturer to add those finishing touches to the skin.

Anyhoo, i’ll be waiting

I can see not too many are interested in wokring free…

I think i should re-interate how large this projrct is…

It may end up playing at the firday night madness at the Toronto Internartional Film Festival in 2005, and even go on to Cannes.

We are not taking this movie lightly, and it is going to be a huge step for blender…

I will understand if no one can do it, because the quality of worki am looking for needs to be exceptional, but i am not going to use any program other than blender… even if i have to wokr twice as hard.

So, please, let me know… i’ll be updating as info comes

:slight_smile: Sounds like you’re serious and I’d love to help, but I fear I don’t have the time (and possibly not the skill) to get involved in something big.
But maybe I could be of help with some minor modelling stuff, but I think you wrote that you would do most modelling yourself.
Anyway, if you need modelling help don’t hesitate to ask.

  1. pofo

well… i would like to help but

  1. i think i am not good enough for such a thing
  2. i am frightened of loosing the fun on the project and destroying the project because of that…

cya henrik

dont be shy because you don’t think your good enough…

No one ever thinks they are… I have seen your wokr, and you are all great, besides, that’s the point of a team :slight_smile:

don’t let me scare you…

Im willing to help in any way, but I fear I may not be good enough as I am 15 and havent been using blender long but I will help out where I can if you want.

Hope it all goes well,

thank you.

I emailed you yesterday but got no reply so i posted here. =) i’ve been using blender since it was first released but decided to find alternative programs for SFX & stuff (cause its what i like doing most), Im currently working part-time at a small local studio that does local broadcast work… I have access to high-end software packages like Apple Shake, Discreet Combustion, etc… Since im a junior compositor here i don’t have much time learning other CG stuff like modelling, and texturing and so on… but im good at compositing, color correction, rigging, particle generation ,digital matting , & photoshop. Im currently writing the script on my own project and since i know i won’t be doing some serious work on it soon i wan’t to help!

email me if you have questions at

[email protected]

BTW. aren’t you the guy who made that rangora animation? that was ok!.. =)
see ya

I have startred up some creature design, just to show what is in store for my film… this is the 20 foot tall “Aniax Demon”

jsut a sketch right now… but soon, hopeuflly, to be a full-fledged, cg creation


YAY! :o

I really like the propotions!.. looks like this will be fun!..