Puzzle Ball

here it is! the game i’ve been trying so hard to post.

here is the link you can download it from:
it took me a little over a month to complete

Downloading… :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Omg 173 Mbs?! wow hahaha

yep!! it’s a whole game with 10 levels, all of the models used, all sound and maps used, and extra thing such as an instruction manual.

very coolll

Thanks! i hope you enjoy it. it’s a simple game.

Hi, a little advice that could be useful.

Have you tried porting this game to 2.5?

It will allow you to replace all your (big) .wav files you may be using for background music with much smaller .ogg music files as that format is supported now, this could cut your game size dramatically in some cases.

Also, if you can, see where you can use modifiers to create the detail and smoothness in higher polygon objects instead of modeling every face. Because of that, it will allow you to have much fewer polygons to start with because the modifiers would generate most of the polygons, it will then decrease the file-size even more.

The final way that can be effective in decreasing file-size is to have all identical objects (meaning same shape and materials) that may be scattered in large numbers around the level share the same mesh data, as a result the .blend will only need to store a single copy of the mesh because it’s shared by multiple objects.

The game was entirely and originally created for 2.5.
There was some use of the modifiers. And I never figured linking the mesh instead of duplicating it over and over.
Oh well. More advice for its sequel.

Well, I’ve downloaded it and I am stunned. While I agree that game is pretty big I always liked games like this. Actually I tried to do such game myself (on 2.49, because 2.5 interface is too much for me and besides it’s still beta, so it may not work on next version), but failed due to strange issues with normals and z-order bug when there are 2 objects with transparent material (you know, the one where object which is farer/lower is rendered on object which is nearer/higher relative to camera).

Yeah, that bug is annoying. I found that separating transparent objects across different actual objects can help fix the bug.

I like this puzzle game very much as it helps in exercising your brains…

Thanks! Glad you liked it.