PUZZLE GAME inside a GAME???

Hi, good day everyone, don’t know if this is the right thread :frowning:

Ahmm, We have this project which is an adventure game and inside this game includes 2d Puzzle games (like gems probably, match 3 colors et. al. )

Will it possible to add a FLASH game? or a pure Python scripting?

any idea about this one?

hope members answer this … I will really really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Anyone who knows about this? :frowning:

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There are a few ways you could do it. You obviously could make the game with Blender and switch to the mini-game scene, or take a render of it and put it on a screen, if you like. You could also use Pygame or a similar Python module to make the game, but it might require another window (I don’t know if the BGE’s window is exposed). You could make a game in Flash, but I’m not sure how you would get it into the BGE (i.e. display it on a plane, or in the game window).

Assuming that the flashplayer could be set to render into an off-screen buffer, you could use the VideoTexture module to load that image.

If you’re on Linux, you can set this up even if the flashplayer doesn’t support “render to off-screen buffer”, but you have to mess around with the X server.

… It will probably be very, very slow.

All that said: you should generally avoid flash.

Besides getting flash graphics to BGE screen You also have to get mouse / key events back to flash - I would not try that.

You have full python power in the BGE - and great 3D graphic support (and sort of working 2D)… Just write it in python using BGE api for drawing and input.

I agree with LaH. I have had good results coding the game in python and using 2D texture-mapped planes instead of sprites for the display. Just set up your “playing field” on the ground plane, move your “sprite” planes around with X/Y coordinates, and have your camera above pointing straight down. Then use that as an overlay scene (or new scene altogether, depending on your desired result).
I have even used multiple levels of planes to give that 2d / 3d side-scrolling effect, plus you can have 3d lighting and particle effects in your “2d” game.