Puzzle Game

puzzle.blend.zip (280 KB)

Simple puzzle game, the goal is get all matching colors next to each other, while only one can move at a time.

There are 5 different puzzle sizes, a display showing the number of moves you have made, and a restart button for trying to beat you best score!

I think it will be more interesting if you use game character instead of color :slight_smile:

Just tried this out, controls are a little on the clunky side, I would either make it all mouse (with drag to move) or all keyboard (have a select key)

Graphics obviously could use work, but the mechanics do function, so there is that.

Another thing I would consider if I were you would be a win state, I solved the puzzle, and was left just staring at an unmoving screen, with no indication that I had completed it.

All in all, not a bad attempt, but there is certainly room for improvement. :slight_smile:

lol. Totally agree with you!! But this game looks interesting to play though.

I have also made a similer game, but the difference is ,i don’t need to sellect the cube first.I have writen a script ,so that ,when i press keyboard up arrow only the cube moves, which has a vacant space above. Similer way it uses left,right and down arrow.
If u know python scripting just figer out how u can do this.
Then tell me if u can’t,I will explain it to you.

Yeah I made the game in a day, so graphics and UI are as simple as possible.

ya that’s a good idea, using the fact that only one set of 4 cubes can move into the empty space.